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Model 160ZW Standard Intercom with Door Chimes

The 160ZW is AudioTech's basic intercom that allows the user to add music from an external source, such as a home theater or component stereo.   The 160ZW will amplify and distribute the music throughout your home and will automatically mute the music when the intercom features are used.  In addition, the 160ZW supports home automation features.  For example, if the external music source has an infrared IR remote control, it can be interfaced with the 160ZW to permit IR control from other rooms.  The 160ZW also has a control relay that can be activated from any room station.  This relay can open a door latch or control other home automation features.  


Talk Room-to-Room
Answer the Door
Monitor a Room Automatically
Listen to Music from External Source
Control Door Latch (or other function) from any station
Interface to IR Remote Control System from Home Automation
Used with up to 12 room stations & 4 door stations


Owners Manual

View 160W / 160ZW Operating Manual

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