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Model 460Z Deluxe Music/Intercom (with Memory, Auto Clock, Station Tuning, & Audio Input)

Available in White or Almond

The 460Z has station tuning, remote control capability, door/gate relay, and priority audio input.  The home automation relay that can be used as a door lock.  It has the same great features on the 460 including AM-FM radio, and Intercom system with built-in door chimes.   It allows you to respond to intercom calls "hands free", answer the door from any room, and speak room to room.  The 460Z comes with your choice of louvered cover or screen cover on the speaker.


Intercom with AM/FM Radio
Talk Room-to-Room
Answer Intercom Call "Hands Free"
Monitor another room
Answer the Door
Built-In Door Chimes
Used with up to 12 room stations & 4 door stations
Room Speakers Turn Radio "ON"
AM/FM Station Memory
Station Tuning
IR Capability
Priority Audio Input
Control Relay (Door/Gate)


Owners Manual

View 460 / 460X / 460Z Operating Manual

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