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AudioTech Manuals

What function does each wire have?
Green: Music to each room station and paging.
Red: Control to master and mute line.
Black: Ground for Green, Red and Yellow.
Yellow: Microphone to master or voice back to master.

My Doorbell is playing at the front door.
Disconnect the four pins white plug to terminal board from master. Then ring the chime if the chime returns back to master, and then plug the white plug back into the terminal board. Then go through the red wire one at a time until the chime returns back to the master. When you find the shorted red wire, check for a short at the speaker or a short between the yellow and the shield.

I have a motor boating sound every time I push the talk button.
Disconnect the yellow wires and push the talk button again. If the motor boating goes away. Check for a short in the yellow wires. This can be between the yellow and red or the yellow and shield.
Also ask what type of wire was run from master and speakers. I.E. Audio Tech wire.
The way you can tell if the wire is not the right type is to have the customer hookup only three of the cables going to any three rooms, if the motor boating is gone and the intercom is clear, then have them hookup one more cable to the three. If the motor boating returns then it is the wrong cable or they do not have the shield connected.

I have a feedback sound when I push the talk button, but only from certain speakers.
Find out what level the INTERCOM LEVEL is set at. It should not be any higher than 12:00 or 1:00 o-clock. Check to see if any speakers are back-to-back or closer than ten feet. Even if they are on the same wall but on opposites sides they cannot be closer than ten feet.

The music sounds distorted and the intercom has a squeal when I put a certain room station down to rad-int.
Check for a short on that room stations green wire. The short can be between the green to black and the green to shield or green to white if the white is hooked up.

What is the longest I can run a speaker from the master?
The longest a run can be is 350 feet and the total system wire cannot exceed 1500 feet.

Can I run the door speaker more than 350 feet?
Yes, if you increase the gauge of the wire , the door speaker is the one run you can substitute wire. If you have to splice the wire you must solder the splice, if you do not solder the splice you will have trouble in the future.

Can I put a ceiling speaker on a room station without using a remote control?
Yes, as long as you solder the ceiling speaker to the back of the 5 inch or 8 inch speaker that is mounted on back of the wall speaker.

How many speakers can I put on one volume control?
Only two speakers can be attached to the volume control.

How many speakers can I put on a system?
We advertise only 12, but you can stretch it to 14 without any problem.

Does a remote count as one of the 12?
No, only speakers that produce music count. The door does not either.
I can hear the music but it is very faint.
Disconnect the red wires and wait a minute and see if the music returns to full volume. If the music returns to full volume, check for a short in the red wires.
I have AM or FM but not both.
Check on the tuner board for cracks or if it is broken. Check next to the white ribbon cable going from the main board going to the top of the tuner board.

How do I turn up the chime volume?
Look on the back of the master on the right side and find the board that has a red and white plug on it, you will find a small pot on the board, use that to turn up the volume.

How many doors can I put on the system?
You can have four doors and four doorbells.

Can I put a doorbell switch only on the system?
Yes, as long as it is not a lighted bell button.

What is the voltage of the transformer?
24 volts A.C. from yellow to yellow and 12 volts A.C. from yellow to white.
The intercom is working but I do not have a display.
Check the voltage on the transformer between the white to any yellow. The white is fused internally inside the transformer. The white supplies 12 volts A.C. for the display and the fuse cannot be replaced. The transformer has to be replaced.

How do I run the wires from the TTW to each speaker?
From the TTW run a four conductor to the S890 sub then a two conductor from the S890 to the left front speaker S893. Then run a two conductor from the TTW to the front center channel S694, then run a two conductor from the TTW to the rear left channel and a two conductor from the TTW to the rear right channel.

Where do I locate the sub woofer S890 in the room?
You can locate the sub S890 anywhere in the room because the sub woofer frequency is non-directional.

What do I do if I am still having problems with my Audio Tech intercom?
Call our Audio Tech technician at 800-666-2191

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