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  Basic Tool Kits

Low Voltage Hoses have the ability to turn on/off the power unit (suction) from the switch on the handle.
Straight Suction hoses activate the power unit when the hose cuff is inserted into the inlet.

 DustMate Tool Kits



Part # Description Price Qty Order
GK-30 Standard Garage Add-A-Kit $69.95

The GK-30 Dust Mate™ Condo/Apartment/Garage Kit is a complete tool kit for 1-1/4" inlets. Small, compact and easy to transport it's the ideal kit for a condo/apartment or for a simple kit to keep in your garage for cleaning the car.  It includes a straight suction hose, a multi-surface floor tool, and standard cleaning tools.


Part # Description Price Qty Order
CK-20 Deluxe Add-A-Kit $59.95

The CK-20 Kit is designed to help make it easier for you to clean. It comes with a straight suction hose, standard cleaning tools, and a plastic hose hanger.  Mount the hose hanger near the place you clean most often. Then you can conveniently access the hose and tools when you need them.



Part # Description Price Qty Order
STK-100 Quick Clean Add-A-Kit $85.00

The STK-100 Quick Clean Tool Kit comes complete with 1-1/4" stretch hose, floor and rug tools, and two black wands. Place this kit in a high traffic area for a quick, convenient cleaning.



Part # Description Price Qty Order
WPK1 DustMate™ Wet Pick-Up Kit $228.40


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