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 TurboCat - Air Turbine Brush


  Item#: PB-490BLV
Air Turbine Powerbrush - Blue

This new style Turbocat features a new belt design to reduce noise and vibration. It is air turbine-driven power brush that has an agitator that shakes the carpet to loosen dirt. This brush is excellent on both high and low pile carpeting. The low profile allows for easy maneuverability around and under furnishings.

Price: $159.95

Instruction Manual
Parts Breakdown
Replacement Parts

# Description
9 Neck Assembly $18.50
12 Seal, Small$1.48
14 T - Latch$1.27
15 Belt $7.50
17 Screw, T-Latch$0.42
28 Seal, Belt Guard, Large $1.27

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